Upgrading from Ubuntu repo

Hi guys! I have a duplicati install from the Ubuntu 18.04 repo. So, basically, apt-get install duplicati.

But now it keeps telling me there’s a newer beta with a myriad of changes. Ubuntu’s version is from July 2019. How can I upgrade without losing my backups? Can I just download the more recent version and dpkg -i? Or should I remove it first so ubuntu won’t nag me with the repo version in the future? If I just apt-get remove duplicati, will I lose the DBs, service and configuration?


Yes, you can upgrade Duplicati without losing your backups. I would download the latest beta .deb file and install using dpkg -i.

But before you do this, check your mono version:

$ mono --version

If it’s not 5.x or higher, you should upgrade your mono by following the instructions here.

Once mono is updated, then install the newer Duplicati version.

Thanks! So after installing with dpkg -i, ubuntu won’t try to nag me about the older repo versions, right?

Mono is v.5.18.0240, I think it should be ok :slight_smile:


Correct, it will see that you have a newer version installed and not try to overwrite it with the older version.