Upgraded to - now Fatal error regarding downgrade on backup database

Hi there

Yesterday I upgraded my Duplicati install on Ubuntu 16.04 Server from to dpkg reported no errors during the upgrade.

However, when my overnight backup task ran (and when I now attempt any manual backup tasks) I get the following error:

The database has version 9 but the largest supported version is 8. This is likely caused by upgrading to a newer version and then downgrading. If this is the case, there is likely a backup file of the previous database version in the folder /root/.config/Duplicati.

No downgrade was performed, and my System Info page from the GUI shows:

ServerVersion :
ServerVersionName : -
ServerVersionType : Beta
StartedBy : Server
BaseVersionName :
DefaultUpdateChannel : Beta
DefaultUsageReportLevel : Information

Any ideas how to resolve this? I’ve not come across this before, and no downgrade has been performed on this server so I’m a bit perplexed about how the error came about.

Many thanks!

James is basically plus a warning about Amazon cloud drive being discontinued.

It’s unfortunate that it was versioned this way. Either go back to your original or which is the latest release with the most fixes and enhancements.