Upgrade Duplicati experimental to beta

How do I upgrade duplicati, because I tried to do the update for check for updates and did not perform and continued the same thing, I would check if it solves a problem that I am trying to backup: compacting because there are 33 small volumes and the maximum is 20

I’m waiting

Thank you so much

I just download and install… I have not tried the auto updater.

That being said, I don’t believe there are any differences between and I think experimental was promoted to beta because it seemed pretty stable.

I @Cesar_Niemeyer, welcome to the forum!

@drwtsn32 is correct that you can just download and install it “over” if you’d like.

However, if you want to use the auto updater then since the that you’re on is on the “experimental” channel and the you want to get to is on the “beta” channel, you’ll need to go to the main menu Settings page and change the Update channel to “beta” then click the “OK” button.

After that you can wait a bit for an update check to happen automatically or you can go to the “About” -> “General” page and click the “Check for updates now” link.

Note that I updated the title of this topic to make it clear that the question is about updating from one channel (experimental) to another (beta).

Many thanks, one doubt which is the most stable ??

The beta is the most stable currently available.

New features roll out pretty much like this - the further they are down the line, the more stable they will be:

  • Canary -> Experimental -> Beta -> Stable (a stable release has not yet been released as of 2018-06-14)

Here’s a more detailed description of teach channel:

If you’re curious about what the primary changes are between releases, you can look at the #releases category.