Update to

I am currently at having absolutly no problems.
Does it make sense to update to and
are there any special precautions to be considered ?


From a contributing-to-Duplicati-as-a-Canary-tester (which is not for everyone’s taste), it makes sense.

If you’re on that because the Beta was missing something, you can see what other things have changed


The main thing I’d point out is a database upgrade in, described this way:

NOTE: this version updates the database version from v10 to v11!

Downgrade from this version requires manually adjusting the version number in the database,
The additions can be re-applied if the database is upgraded again later.

which is actually a little easier than usual if you want to go back, but is running just fine for me.
Though sometimes I’ve been on Canary to get a fix, at the moment I’m on the latest to help find its bugs.

YMMV and it’s kind of your call whether the new fixes and features outweigh the possible additional bugs.