Unexpected job run when changing schedule

I recently took a manually run job and decided it was time to schedule it.

I ran the job manually to make sure everything worked (it did) then added the schedule, basically telling it to run daily at 1AM starting today (even though it was already AFTER 1AM).

To my surprise, the job started running immediately after I saved the schedule change. My GUESS is that Duplicati decided it had “missed” today’s 1 AM scheduled run and kicked the job off (even though it had just finished a manual run).

It’s not really a big issue for me, but if somebody had a large / long running backup I could see it being annoying and/or causing confusion.

Has anybody else happened to notice this happen to them?

Manual runs do not interact with the scheduler.

This is expected behavior when setting the scheduler to start in the past :slight_smile:

I tested on another box and got the same result - thanks for the confirmation.