Unable to restore from a backup stored on OneDrive - restore stuck at ~90% for over 8 hours - same behavior across multiple installations

I am a newbie to Duplicati and was super excited to see the feature set of Duplicati. I have set up a backup of ~120GB (entire partition of local disk on Win10 OS) to be stored in OneDrive V2.

First time the backup took a few hours and every other time, it took just a few mins and I was thinking it all succeeded as the only error I saw was about inability to read “System Volume Information” as I was replicating an entire drive.

Now when i am trying to restore, the restore goes till ~90% and gets stuck for over 8 hrs and I am seeing the behavior across multiple uninstall and reinstall. Any help here?

See attached for list of errors I am seeing.

Duplicati Restore Errors on OneDrive.zip (44.7 KB)