Unable to open logs

When clicking on view logs whether for individual backups of sytem they never load

This is since the upgrade to

Duplicati -

Looks like the Web UI is not working properly. You are seeing the {{Backup.Backup.Name}} token instead of the actual backup name.

Can you try doing a forced refresh of your browser? Ctrl+F5 is how you can do it on Firefox or Chrome.

Thanks for the reply and you made me think and I used chrome instead and it all works.
There must be some issue with explorer.

I just tried it myself also with Internet Explorer 11 and all looks fine. There must be something else with your Internet Explorer setup.

Did you try the hard refresh in IE? I believe Ctrl+F5 works in IE, too.

Yes I did even reboot
of the pc in case the update needed it.

    I am quite happy using

chrome which is workin fine.

Sounds good. Yeah IE11 is old as dirt nowadays. I’d definitely be using Chrome/Firefox/Edge instead.

Internet Explorer 11 works here. I still suspect cache issue. Cache is on the drive, so reboot won’t clear.

Wikipedia:Bypass your cache gets into this. Internet Explorer could also get Control with refresh button. Clearing the entire cache is a more severe step, but I think (unlike clearing cookies), it’s just speed loss.

This seems to a problem on Windows Server 2016. I have severall servers that have the exact same problem after update to On 2012 this does not happen. If i use an other browser it works.