Unable to install on WIn10

Install fails “prematurely”. I cannot reinstall - same error message.
I install as administrator. Is there a registry setting to remove or clean Up?

EDIT: this was due to the win10 settings failure to appear syndrome. I eventually fixed that and was able to install duplcati.

Glad to hear you figured it out!

I may be spacing out on this, but what is the “Win10 settings failure to appear syndrome”?

Ref: win10 settings failure to appear syndrome
This is the settings window will not appear or the update to version 1709 (Creator) hangs at 82%.
This was due to (believe it or not) the win10 update code not liking the wifi hardware (by Anatel). I had to remove the wifi card to all update to proceed.
Nothing to do with Duplicati but it happened at same time.
Sorry about the fuss.

Thanks for the info!