Unable to find configuration


We’ve inherited a Duplicate setup but we cannot find the existing configuration (we are new to Duplicati and are trying to find our way around it).

We can see the application is installed on the server, we can see data is being pushed to the GDrive, but when as domain admin we access console via localhost:8300 it shows “no scheduled tasks”.

Where is the configuration and logs?


Try port 8200, that’s the default port. 8300 will only be used if 8200 is taken by a different process or if multiple duplicati instances are running.

Thank you. Got access. And I was able to find the configuration.

Checked again later and now only port 8200 responds but it says there is no configuration again! Checked GDrive and I can see new files have been created since I found the configuration.

So two questions,

  1. Is there a separate log (event log doesn’t show anything)?
  2. is there an ability to email some kind of backup report so we do not have to login to check backup?


Usually backup related stuff winds up in the log under the backup section.

A more general log is under about > log. There you can also find live log which can print everything currently happening, although it’s easy to get lost in there :smile:

You can configure email through advanced options. The docs here cover them pretty well: Advanced Options - Duplicati 2 User's Manual

Finally if you need to you can log everything, or a specific log level, out to a file which may be easier to work with: Advanced Options - Duplicati 2 User's Manual