UI dropdowns are empty

Just getting started with Duplicati. My configuration is multiple Windows 10 machines connecting to a single Ubuntu 20.04 server running Duplicati as a service, everyone’s on the same subnet.

I’ve gotten past the speed bump where the server listens to localhost instead of So all the clients can see the web UI and interact with it. Now, I find that the encryption dropdown has only “no encryption” and the storage type dropdown is completely empty.

I did some earlier testing of Duplicati running and saving on a single Windows machine, so I know that both dropdowns should be populated with choices. Any advice for me? Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I find that this is usually caused by a local browser caching issue. Could you try a hard refresh to see if it helps? Chrome/Firefox on Windows you do a CTRL+F5.

Thanks for the advice. I did the functional equivalent of that by trying a few different browsers, some of which had never had been to the Duplicati URL before. The dropdowns suddenly were populated again.

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