Trying to connect my Duplicati to a NAS

How do you connect to NAS besides:

Port: 22

There’s no username or password associated with the NAS and I failed to connect to it.

SFTP is a file transfer over SSH - does your NAS support it? Can you login to it with SSH client like putty?
I think you mean to connect to a share - in that case you should select “Local folder or drive” and select mapped drive.
If you use UNC path, you can enter it after clicking “Manually type path”.

Yeah, it looks like it’s just a plain NAS drive so it doesn’t have SSH (just a plain drive).

I’ll see what I can do. I tried Google Drive but it’s too big and disconnects minutes later.

If you can connect to your NAS through a file explorer then you should be able to map to it and treat it like a “Local folder or drive” Storage Type.

It looks like you’re using Linux (?) in which case you should be able to mount it like any other remote storage.