Troubleshoot Access Problem (on FreeNAS)

I’m having trouble creating a backup on a FreeNAS (11.3-U5) system. Duplicati is running in a jail, where it belongs to duplicati, webdav, media, TimeMachine, users, family, and admin groups. It’s doing fine backing up most things, but using the web interface I can’t get it to see my users’ home directories.

They sit in a dataset called “Homes,” under which each user has their own dataset (call them “mom”, “dad”, “buddy”, and “sis”), which acts as their respective home directory. By default, “Homes” belongs to user “root” and group “wheel,” but I’ve added an ACL for group “admin,” giving it Full Control. Since in the jail duplicati is in the admin group (1002 both in FN & the jail), I expect this to be sufficient. But it’s not.

Instead, while creating the backup at the Source Data dialog, the widget shows the Homes folder with an exclamation point (!) in a triangle, and I can’t see any user’s home directory folder.

I therefore have three questions:

  1. What can be causing this?
  2. Where are such errors documented?
  3. How does one fix such problems?

Thank you.

See this post and the ones that follow it. Has a lot of discussion as to how to accomplish this while still having the jail run as a non-privileged user. Kind of a pain, personally I just run it as root to keep things simpler while taking additional security risk.