Trouble restoring from a 2014 backup

Hello. I have 80+ files from a backup made in 2014 and receive an error message when I try to restore them. I tried to do a direct restore from backup using duplicati 2, which I think is a newer version then the duplicati that I used for my original back up back in 2014. I designate the local drive in which I have the backup files, I tested connection which works, and then I received the following error message.Failed to connect: “No filesets found on remote target”.

In my destination folder I have manifest A&B files, 43 volumes of signature files, and 43 files of full content, which are named in the following manner, for example. I have assured that for every content there is an equivalent signature file for the appropriate volume.

is this old backup compatible with the restore function of duplicati 2? Or am I missing something in my original backup files?

Thank you in advance for your assistance in this issue.

In case it is relevant I am using Windows 10 pro on a Chrome browser on a Microsoft Surface Pro.

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I’m not familiar with original Duplicati, but the filenames suggest that’s it. Its last release was in 2013.

Duplicati 1.3.4 available will possibly get you to a compatible Duplicati. Duplicati 2 is hugely different:

Block-based storage engine

Q: Is 1.3.x dead?

A : Yes. We do not have the man-power to maintain 1.3.x and develop 2.0.