(.Trashes) Failed to process metadata / Access to the path ... is denied

I’m using Duplicati on macOS High Sierra to backup to my NAS with SFTP (unRAID 6.4.0). It works great for everything on my main drive.

Now, I’ve also got a permanently installed SD (micro SD in a BaseQi holder) formatted HFS+ Journaled which I’m including in the backup. Every backup, I get this error which is driving me nuts.

It seems it can’t back up the .Trashes due to permissions. I’ve tried to have Duplicati ignore /Volumes/Data SDXC/.Trashes as a folder, a file, a … and as a quoted path, no quotes, escaped space, non-escaped space, and no matter what, I get the error.

Any ideas?

What version of Duplicati are you running and how is it being run (service / daemon or tray-icon)?

Tray icon on latest macOS High Sierra.

Running latest Canary downloaded 30-Jan-2018.

I’ve added an exclude to take it out of the backup path, but that defeats a full backup (I like backing up everything–system files and all). But it works for now.

I suspect the tray-icon part is where the problem lies. Running as a service / daemon should give Duplicati “root” access to all files - including .Trashes.

I have limited (once a week) access to a MacOS machine which has JUST been updated to High Sierra. I’ve been running the service / daemon version there for a while now and haven’t seen that error - then again I don’t think I’m trhing to back up .Trashes either.

If i have time this week I’ll try to make a test job that includes .Trashes and see whether or not it works for me. Until then, I’m glad you found a workaround for the moment. Assuming you’re doing daily backups and a file lives on your system for at least 1 day before ending up in .Trashes, you can at least know that the file has been backed up somewhere…

Are there accurate instructions somewhere on how to install as a daemon on the Mac? I’m finding ol’ stuff.

I’m sorry, I thought I had included a link for you…guess I forgot to hit “paste”.

I believe this is the topic I created (and used) for my installation:

I did a quick test job with Duplicati running as a service / daemon (set up using the post linked to above) and did not get any errors trying to back up any of the following:

  • /.Trashes (didn’t contain anything)
  • /Volumes/MyMac/.Trashes/ (didn’t contain anything)
  • /Users/Me/.Trash/ (apparently the actual trash folder as it contained stuff)

Did you try backing up an SD card? Mine never has any troubles with .Trashes on my main hard drive–just the SD card.

(As per my original post, I have a permanently installed micro SD using a BaseQ adapter.)

Whoops, nope - I spaced out that the OP specified the msd card. But even if I did, the machine I was on doesn’t have an msd slot. :frowning: