Transfer to remote FTP problem

I have six servers backup files to a remote FTP at the same time, the other five have no problem, one of them is very fast at the beginning of transmission, about 10 seconds later the speed will gradually be 0, look at the remote FTP server, found that the server backup files only a few KB, and the size is no longer growing, may I ask what is the reason?

Hello @smile and welcome to the forum!

Can you supply filename information you saw on remote FTP server – even better would be remote server logs, which would show what operations Duplicati is trying? Duplicati also logs its own view. A rough view is available using Job --> Show log --> Remote. This is reverse-chronological. A backup usually begins with a list to check what’s at the remote against what should be there. After that, file changes flow into dblock files, and each dblock gets an associated dindex. After those put operations end, a dlist lists sources.

A dblock file is limited to 50MB, by default. Its dindex is quite a bit smaller, and dlist size varies as required.

For a clearer look at operations with the destination, a –log-file can be added to the job, and because this possibly is a communications problem, –log-file-log-level=Retry would log a bit better than just Information.

Although it’d still be good to have logs (to see what’s up with Duplicati from either its view or FTP server’s), another approach would be to try a different FTP program to see how it does on a 50MB upload. Examples include the basic command line ftp command shipped with most operating systems, or a GUI program that supports FTP as an option. Some make logs, for example FileZilla (which also has server logs), or WinSCP.

Is the FTP server on the same LAN, or across the Internet? Internet with its poor security is ill-advised when running FTP, however one possibly good thing is sometimes one can get one’s ISP on helping with debug…

For example, if an Internet speed test run in your web browser shows poor uploads, it might be worth a call, however they’ll probably have you restart equipment, and I suggest the same – my own needs it sometimes.