Transfer many Jobs?

I have about 20 backup jobs. At the moment this jobs are running on a desktop pc (Windows 7, Duplicati latest BETA August 2017).

I want them now to run on a server (also Windows 7, Duplicati Canary 22.11.2017).

In the target duplicati there is no job.

All the paths in the jobs are ok! I used UNC paths for all source and target paths or target are cloud storages.

Is it possible to transfer everything from one machine to another machine without exporting 20 jobs and importing 20 jobs? So not only the job configs, also the databases (about 2,5 gig).

What must be copied?

Second question about the job configuration: Where is the job configuration stored and how are the passwords für cloud-access and the backup password itself secured?

Yes, I believe it’s possible to do the transfers you’re looking at - though you may want to use the export/import process anyway since you’re shifting between Duplicati versions (I’m not sure if whether or not there are any differences in the json or sqlite files in the beta and canary 22.11.2017).

But the good news is, as long as you’re COPYING the files around it should be safe to try it out.

Where the configuration files are stored depends on how your current install is being run. Is it as a service or tray icon? Are you using the --portable-mode parameter?

The files you’d need should be in %LOCALAPPDATA%, %APPDATA%, or %ALLUSERSPROFILE% followed by

  • \Duplicati\Duplicati-server.sqlite
  • \Duplicati\dbconfig.json
  • \Duplicati\XXXXXXXXX.sqlite (where XXXXXXXXX is the name of the database for a specific job)

Things to remember include:

  • be sure to turn off the old desktop versions of the jobs otherwise you’ll have two jobs pointing to a single destination which will likely make one of the jobs complain about unexpected destination files
  • even though you’re using UNC paths watch out for permissions issues as a locally shared / locally accessed UNC path is much less likely to have permissions problems as a locally shared / REMOTE accessed one would
  • if you’re running Duplicati under a differently named user account then you may need to edit each job to make sure the dbpaths are pointing to correct folders

This sounds good. Thanks!

One more question about it.

I run as Tray-Application. So the files are in my user-folder.

But: I have no \Duplicati\dbconfig.json file? On both machines. I tried a dir dbconfig.json /S /B /A

I believe dbconfig.json is used by the command line tool if no --dbpath parameter is specified in your backup job. If you’re not directly running the command line OR you are explicitly setting --dbpath then you may not get a dbconfig.json file generated.