Timestamp option issue


I have an issue with the option restore different version with timestamp in file name.
It seems it doesn’t jave any effect. The behavior is the same as the overwrite option.

Could you help me please?
W10 22H2



this is not documented but the overwrite option is ignored if the file to restore has the same hash (is identical) to the existing version. If this is the case for you, you’ll see in the log (at Verbose level) a message like 'Target exists and is correct version (…file name…)"


It is not documented but seems logical as behavior.
But it is not my use case.
Even if my files are differents, the option has no impact and the file is purely overwrited.

Could you help me please?
This behavior is under W10.

I’ll try with my laptop under Linux Mint and let you know the result.


I have no idea why this happens for you.
Can you do a log at verbose level while testing this problem and see if some message appears about the file ?

FWIW it works here. Test was GUI restore short text file to folder, edit, restore with timestamp option.


Old version from backup got restored to timestamped name rather than overwritting because I asked.