Theme setting in GUI

Is there some way to make the Dupilcati GUI dark theme the default from the start?

I don’t know what causes it on my systems, but it randomly keeps getting reset back to the light theme - I’m presuming it’s cookie based but is there another setting in the server itself that can set this?

well, it happens that people miss OK button at the bottom of the page. It happened to me, I admit.

I’ve tracked this issue down to the browser, in my case Brave. Its policy is that certain cookies, especially those set by javascript, will never be allowed to expire later than 7 days after creation. I cannot find an override for this, even whitelisting it from its Shield settings makes no difference.

I would still rather this wasn’t a browser setting but stored in the app itself, but at least I know what the cause is and by using a cookie extension I can manually change the expiration after it’s set.

Hi All,

Any improvement on this?

Every time my computer (Win10 Pro, Chrome) get started, Duplicati GUI has this settings:

It has to be set manually to this:

From that point of time the dark theme works (until the next reboot).

Just a remark: The change of “Language in the user interface” works and get saved as expected, only the theme setting won’t be saved.


Are you blocking cookies, or clearing them on browser close? That could be one reason this is happening.

Actually, neither the first nor the second:

You could try clicking on the View site information button to the left of the URL to see cookies.

Example (you might not see all of them – the locale and theme cookies seem used only if needed):

You can remove one by one to see the page change (do on purpose what might occur when unwanted).

Selective cookie removal like that seems strange, but first see if you’re experiencing cookie removal at all.

Is it fine if Chrome is restarted, but Windows is not? I don’t know why a restart would delete more cookies.

Is Duplicati accessed by localhost:8200 URL? You can look at its cookie values without Duplicati in use:


Thank you. I cleaned up the cache and applied the cookie settings again.
Now it seems to be working.

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