The tasks run in the background of the computer

Hi again
I have recovered all my profiles by putting the sqllite database where I wanted.
Tomorrow i’m testing it all
As Duplicati is the most modular tool I know of. Is there a way to edit / change the order of configuration parameters on the localhost homepage?

Indeed I still use Hubic. Glaobelily it works pretty well and I have not found free equivalents for equivalent capacities and privacy issues

There are no configuration parameters displayed directly there. If you mean backup order, it’s tough.

From top to bottom, I think these are in creation order, so to move something to bottom you’d delete
that job (after Export to file which you should have anyway). Note the DB path, delete config, but not
database or remote files. Add a new backup from old export, reconnect old DB path, and you’re set.


Ok I also thought of this solution if it became really important, but for the moment at ~ 5 backup parameters, I prefer to move forward on the search for another host!

Otherwise all the backups went well except one where I had several error messages that prevent the backup. The last one after repair attempt:
“Detected non-empty blocksets with no associated blocks!”