The OS drive of the source machine is filled UP

HI Everyone,
I have an issue trying to backup 5 TO :
the backup is still running and backup 240 GO. The agent is installed in the distination server . My issue is that the OS drive of the source ( file server ) is filled up . where Duplicati sotres file in the OS drive of the source machine? can we delete it ?*
the OS drive of the source ( file server) is diffrent of the Data drive that I am backup
please help me

Welcome to the forum @Hafid75012

What OS is this, and preferably give a path example (edited for privacy) of what you propose to delete.

If you find huge files beginning with dup- in a temporary file folder, you might have increased the job’s Remote volume size on Options screen 5 without reading the directions. Default size is only 50 MB.

Choosing sizes in Duplicati is also useful to read because of the size of backup (if 5 TO is 5 terabytes).
Database operations get slow with that big a backup at default 100KB blocksize. I suggest maybe 5MB.

the source machine : Windows server 2012R2
the destination machine : Windows server 2016
Duplicati is installed on the distination machine ( I have no issue in that machine) C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Temp\2. I can see dup files and no issue of disk space
However the C drive in the source machine is filling up. and I do not know where that files are saved

I checked and the size is 50 MB

How are you thinking Duplicati filled up source machine from destination machine?

What is the Destination screen 2 pointing to as backup destination? Where is it?
Are backup files showing up where you intended? Names will began with duplicati-.

the pagefile.sys file of the source machine was growing when backup was running . the backup folder of the distination machine was populated correctly. do you have an idea why the the pagefile.sys file was growing when backup was running ?
thanks a lot for your help

The machine arrangement remain unclear (see my previous question, and your info that I quoted).

From what I read, you have:

source machine <–> network share? <–> Duplicati machine <–> local folder

and you were suggesting Duplicati was filling the source machine, and now ask about its pagefile?

Please correct above diagram if it’s wrong, otherwise I don’t know how Duplicati is directly involved.

Duplicati’s size can only directly impact the pagefile on the system it’s on, not on a remote system.

How are you getting to the remote system anyway? Maybe reading data is making some server big.

Looking in Task Manager or opening Resource Monitor from it might show something that’s growing.

Figuring out what’s writing to disk is harder. It wouldn’t be Duplicati during backup. It only reads files.

Sysinternals Process Monitor on source machine can show writes in great detail, maybe too much.

Resource Monitor might be more useful to view what’s writing. Below is how it looks on my system:

Writing doesn’t always mean filling up space. It might mean overwriting, or deleting then recreating.

Another way to chase space fillers might be to use File Explorer’s search for recently modified files:

* datemodified:yesterday size:medium or whatever other options seem useful in Explorer UI.

Or if your source machine had nearly zero free space before, maybe growth was from pagefile.sys.
If that’s the case, then see above for Task Manager. Sort processes by commit size in UI by a click.

Source machine A (Windows server 2012 R2 )
destination machine B ( Windows server 2016 ). the Duplicati server is installed on the machine B
a network drive (N) that is connected on machine B and mapping the folder that is physically on machine A
both of the machines have two partitions . OS partition (C:) and data partition (D:)
the data of the D: partition of the machine A is backup on the D partition of the machine B.
I think that when backup is running Duplicati uses the disk of the source machine and decrease the available space on C of the machine A. I say that because I lost 10 Go free space of that partition since I started running backup. this is why I asked the question here. Do you have an idea ?
thanks a lot

It uses it for file checking and reading.

Backup does not write files to source. It writes to its local database, user profile Temp, and destination.

My idea is already given. It’s that this is not a Duplicati problem, and you must examine it via cited tools.
If you figure out a way that Duplicati is involved (other than by timing coincidence), please post that info.

Looking at drives and partitions, topic title and original post refer to OS drive and data drive. Later, the C: drive on source machine fills, which would be the OS drive. Later, pagefile.sys grows. Probably also C:.

Latest post says Duplicati backs up source D: partition, yet somehow fills up C:. This makes no sense.

If you can test with network drive N allowing only read-only access to machine A, will that be enough to show that Duplicati is not writing to machine A drive D: during backup from there? And even it it was, it doesn’t even have a network share to machine A drive C:, does it? I doubt it can fill up the remote C:…

When you said “filled UP”, to me that says it got completely full, but later it sounds like there was only a small extra use (10 gigabytes – possibly less than system memory, and pagefile can exceed memory).

This sounds very much like a non-Duplicati issue. If I misunderstood something above, please clarify it.