"The channel "BackendRequests" is retired" error

Hi, I’m fairly new to Duplicati. I am gettting the following error(s):
One or more errors occurred. (The channel “BackendRequests” is retired (The channel “BackendRequests” is retired) (One or more errors occurred. (One or more errors occurred. (Access to the path “/backups/HomeServer/Duplicati/20200611/duplicati-b33af1d36613441da9ebd797efef8d99e.dblock.zip.aes” is denied.) (Access to the path “/backups/HomeServer/Duplicati/20200611/duplicati-b66deab7a818549acbd219cd53e1b7901.dblock.zip.aes” is denied.))))

The backup had been running for successfully for over a month. Things I’ve tried:
I tried the http operation timeout option changing it to 10 minutes as suggested in another post, but it didn’t seem to help.
I changed the userid to another to see if indeed it was an access issue.

No change in behavior with any of the changes.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Figured it out. It was a permission issue but at the folder level. Changed the rights from rwxrwsr-x to rwxrwsrwx. I’m not sure why a System user (‘backup’) would need write access for ‘Others’, and I wouldn’t like to keep it that way long-term. I gather I need to understand permissions better! And, the “BackendRequests is retired” first message seemed to imply something else.

Thanks for following up - glad you found out your issue!

I agree the error message text is not very clear in this case.

Yes - maybe my own response will help someone else! Thanks…

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You’re a legend mate. I was completely stumped on this issue