TCP UDP ports Azure

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I have a server behind a proxy. It’s windows 2008r2. I’m using Azure storage blobs.
i have set the proxy in internet explorer and with netsh on the server. Firewall on server is disabled. When Duplicatie tests the connection to the storage blob, i’m getting a connection error. Netstat shows a syn_send to the Azure blob ip address. Do i have to set a proxy address in Duplicati somewhere?
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I think there’s no proxy support in its code yet, although there seem to be some alternate methods proposed.

Duplicati to Minio through proxy

System Proxy: runtime changes are not detected #2804

Am I correct that duplicati with Azure storage blob only needs 443(https)?

Can’t say for sure. Ports needing to be opened for Microsoft Azure? advises 80 (http) too. I’ve never used it.