Synology to Sharepoint slow speeds


I have tried and on a Synology DS412+ (latest DSM).

Backup Synology
To Sharepoint (encrypted)
Connection speed 100Mb/s up/down
Duplicati speed 750KB/s up on avarage, with drops to 1KB/s…
Resourses monitor in DSM (cpu averages on 30%, RAM around 45%, disk/volume max 5%)

A backup of 56.000 files (around 250GB) is taking forever with these speeds and I was wondering if this is normal? Resources are not being used, so my guess is that this is not optimal. Am I right?


I don’t know if it’s something I did, but even a local backup to a usb 3.0 hdd is going terribly slow. Speeds of 1 to 5KB/s with a sudden bump to 70MB/s for just one second. After 30 minutes just 500MB was transferred. Using Hyper Backup it’s doing like 5GB in less than 10 minutes. Seems like duplicati (on synology that is) is not really a good alternative.

Edit 2:
As the NAS started today I got the message DSM was unable to update because of not enough space in root partition. It looks like /root/.config/Duplicati/ gets filled with all sort of files and this prevents DSM to update. You need at least 400MB. Duplicatie folder is taking up around 100MB so it seems. Is this normal behaviour? Feels like a bug to me.

Sorry, my mistake. After going true all folders I remembered I made a mistake the first time I tried Duplicati. I made a local backup to /volumeusb2/ and not /volumeusb2/usbshare/. Deleting those files corrected the problem. From /dev/md0 85% used I went back to 50%.

But I gave up on Duplicati. I can’t get the speeds I need to make a backup in a respectable timeframe. The interface and all works fine, but 750KB/s with drops to 1KB/s is just not workable. I searched this forum, but I can’t find a solution to this issue. To compare: Hyper Backup does around 3 to 5MB/s.

Hi @FlashyDuck, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear your Synology experience wasn’t very good. I’m not familiar with HyperBackup so can’t say why it’s so much faster, but I know Duplicati is slower than other solutions on initial backup but tends to improve in subsequent runs.

The speeds you report seem low even for a Synology device (some models have limited CPU and memory which encryption and compression use extensively).

Thanks for taking the time to let us know what happened in your case, and good luck with any other backup solutions you have! Hopefully a future version of Duplicati will be able to entice you back. :slight_smile: