Synology NAS version - sqlite db location

It seems the default location for the sqlite database is /root/.config/Duplicati
This area of the filesystem has limited storage. I started getting Duplicati errors about “the database or disk is full”.

Two questions:

  1. What is the correct way to change this location? I want to do it correctly so future Synology package updates won’t revert to the old location.
  2. When I do move the database and correct this problem, will Duplicati properly recover? Or am I now at risk of database/backup corruption?
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You should be able to:

  1. stop the service / tray icon
  2. move the /root/.config/Duplicati folder to it’s new location
  3. update the service to include the --server-datafolder=<path> parameter
    4, restart the service

Despite being about a Windows issue, this post has some more detail that might help on referencing a non-standard location for the config folder:

On my synology I moved the databases for each backup to a user folder. You can move it manually (ssh) and update the path in the gui.

I also moved the temp location as I believe I had some space issues in the original location. This can be done via the advanced options.

The db that holds the configuration is at the original location as the launch script can’t be updated (won’t start if i change even a single bit. Guess that is safety measure of synology)

I can’t share my configuration now, as my laptop screen is broken…

This part I’m not sure how to do with Synology. I am pretty new to their hardware so am not sure how apps are launched exactly. I am quite familiar with regular Linux but ultimately dind’t know how to modify this without it being undone by future package installs.

So for now I just made a symlink to where I moved the database files to. Will see if it works.

But what about my second question… how do I know that the database is OK after these out-of-space issues?

You can’t update the launch script. The package does not start if you update the script.

Take a copy of the db to be safe, run verify to see if all is OK. Run a backup afterwards.

Don’t forget to change the temp location. It was an issue for me as the default location was not big enough.

I have not had this problem myself, but maybe I disabled some safeguards during development. Unfortunately I do not have a clean Synology box for testing with.

How is that accomplished?

Edit- never mind, I see you mentioned it’s in advanced options!
I checked and the default appears to be /volume1/@appstore/Duplicati/temp/. On my system that would be fine since volume1 is the big array.

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So you’ve somehow been able to run Duplicati on Synology DSM with custom parameters such as --server-datafolder?

AFAIK, yes. My NAS box is offline at the moment so I cannot verify, but will do so when i gets back up (not sure when that will happen … )

I had this problem too and manually changed the location to: /volume1/@appstore/Duplicati/SQLite-datafolder/RCTIOGLGOX.sqlite

Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteException (0x80004005): Insertion failed because the database is full
database or disk is full
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SQLite3.Reset (Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteStatement stmt) [0x00096] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SQLite3.Step (Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteStatement stmt) [0x00046] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteDataReader.NextResult () [0x00129] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteDataReader…ctor (Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand cmd, System.Data.CommandBehavior behave) [0x00051] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteDataReader:.ctor (Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand,System.Data.CommandBehavior)
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.ExecuteReader (System.Data.CommandBehavior behavior) [0x00006] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at Mono.Data.Sqlite.SqliteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery () [0x00000] in <62e44d67e13348a795e30fd7dd8622df>:0
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.ExtensionMethods.ExecuteNonQuery (System.Data.IDbCommand self, System.String cmd, System.Object[] values) [0x0004e] in <118ad25945a24a3991f7b65e7a45ea1e>:0
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.LocalDatabase.Vacuum () [0x0000c] in <118ad25945a24a3991f7b65e7a45ea1e>:0
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.LocalDatabase.PurgeLogData (System.DateTime threshold) [0x00072] in <118ad25945a24a3991f7b65e7a45ea1e>:0
at Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.BackupHandler.Run (System.String[] sources, Duplicati.Library.Utility.IFilter filter) [0x0082a] in <118ad25945a24a3991f7b65e7a45ea1e>:0

Thanks for sharing that!

I don’t have a Synology NAS myself so just for my own clarity, once you changed the location for the .sqlite file your “database or disk is full” errors went away, right?

Do you recall what steps you took to move the file?

I just created the folder “SQLite-datafolder” in /volume1/@appstore/Duplicati/ (default installation location of Duplicati) and then changed the “Local database path:” to this (/volume1/@appstore/Duplicati/SQLite-datafolder/RCTIOGLGOX.sqlite) location in the backup task settings.

The .sqlite file is around 500MB now for me.

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Thanks for sharing that!

I was a bit hesitant to put my database there because I don’t know how Synology handles package uninstalls. Like if I uninstall to put on a newer version, I’d hate for it to wipe out the whole folder. I might test this when I upgrade my Synology Duplicati version. Place an extra dummy file there to see if it gets nuked.

You can put it in any other location as well. I created a dedicated shared folder for my db and for temp files.

Yeah I put it in a different folder from appstore/Duplicati just to be safe.

I have been reading through this thread and what I am not sure of is after you manually move the database, how do you get Duplicati to find it? Here is my scenario. I could not run Duplicati and my Synology was failing to run properly because my backup databases in the default location were taking up too much space. I manually moved them out of the default location to a /volume1/ directory. However, all of my configured backups no longer show on the Home tab and I would prefer to not rebackup everything? How do I get Duplicati to find the DBs where I moved them? Or do I just need to start from scratch?

I created a symlink… when Duplicati tries to access the data files in the original location, it gets silently redirected to the actual data location on volume1 (where I moved the data files).