Symlink backup not backing up anything

I am very new to Linux/Duplicati. I am trying to backup my docker config folders and I have something wrong.
i have created symlinks from .docker and .config to a shared location on a shared networked drive.
i can see the symlinked file (.docker/.config) when setting up a new backup. but when i run the backup it dosen’t backup anything. returns warnings like this

2020-10-09 09:50:22 -05 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.MetadataGenerator.Metadata-MetadataProcessFailed]: Failed to process metadata for "/storage/downloads/backupmountpoints/r2db8/.config", storing empty metadata
I have the advanced option for symlinks to follow.

For Windows so. For Linux, it probably looks the same.

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Make sure the user/group that Duplicati is running under has permission to follow those symlinks. Also, if Duplicati is running in a docker container then the path the symlink points to needs to be valid from the container’s point of view. (And in that case I’m not sure why you’d use symlinks anyway - why not point Duplicati at the real folders.)

The symlinks are from different servers sharing one backup server (same set of folders from 3 different machines)

i have the symlink-policy set to follow

I’m not really sure I understand what you mean, but what’s important is that the symlink target is valid from the container’s point of view (remember it has its own filesystem view and is not the same as the host), and that Duplicati has permission to the files.

sorry it took me so long to get back to you.
i have found that the PGID=1001, PUID=1001 are different on the backup server from the other 3 they are PGID=1000, PUID=1000. same name ie:joeblogs, i would bet that is the issue (permissions)

to answer your question on why symlinks, all i want to back up is configuration files and usage data on the other 3 physical computers so if something fails i will have a system to restore as quick as possible the setup of my servers. it took me a long time to figure out how to do it (I am not real good at this kind of thing).
thank you for pointing in the correct path

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