Switching global settings causes backup in progress to fail

I’m running the latest Beta (not canary) version (I think it’s Noticed that when I was changing some global settings while backing up (for instance, switching the hash check method) that this meant I was unable to restore the files from the backup. Luckily I discovered this on a local backup that was only 50GB or so rather than on a much larger backup.

Are you referring to the --blockhash method?

Yes, I think that’s it. I had seen a post that indicated the backup could be sped up by changing the blockhash method, so I changed that in the global settings but it made my backups impossible to restore. Maybe that’s intentional but seems like a bug in the UI if you can hose your backups by changing a global setting like that.

I honestly haven’t tried changing blockhash but with most other “can’t change this one a backup is made” settings the GUI warns that you may break you backups of you change it.

I’ll try to remember to test it when I get a chance. No warning in that parameter would be something to address.

Yeah, I think the issue is that the global change does not notify the user about this breaking all existing backups without this setting.

When setting it directly on the job it should warn you, though.

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