Summertime causes metadata file-changes

I just decided to have a look att the live-logging running a backup. I found that Duplicati seems to “detected” file-changes due to summertime:

6 apr 2018 08:47: Checking file for changes I:\images\Priv\2015-04-04\MVI_1182.MOV, new: False, timestamp changed: True, size changed: False, metadatachanged: True, 2015-02-05 16:08:22 vs 2015-02-05 17:08:22

The timestamp-change and the metadatachange seem to come from the Summertime. Am I right? Should i file a bug?

Hi @rdebel, welcome to the forum!

Do you mean clock changes due to daylight saving?

During backups Duplicati only uses the metadata (such as modified or last-accessed date) as reported by the operating system (which in your case appears to be Windows) so it sounds like something else in your OS might have “touched” the file.

Did you notice this timestamp changed: True log for any other files? If it were a daylight saving related issue I would expect it to appear for ALL files on the first backup to run after the system clock was changed…