Stuck while performing new backup

Hello, I am having issues with duplicati ( and beta on Windows 10, backup to Onedrive and Google drive). The problems started with my existing backup job failing. As I wasn’t able to get it back running by repairing and purging, I decided to delete that job and create a new one, based on a saved configuration file.

Soon after the new backup job starts, duplicati gets stuck at some file, and the status bar says “17050 files (2.89 GB) to go at 1.05 MB/s”. The MB/s rate is varying at this point, although it is getting slower and slower. It usually drops to around 300 KB/s, and at some point duplicati suddenly quits. If it quits or if I kill the process in the task manager, I can start all over but it then gets stuck at the exact same file. I have tried excluding the folder containing that file, but then duplicati gets stuck at a different file.

The same happened on my other machine by the way, with both the and the beta. Last year still, I was able to create backup jobs successfully, and since then everything ran smoothly except for an occasional repair because something was out of sync.

What is going on here? A bad setting? I haven’t set anything special in my configuration file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and kind regards

I’m seeing the exact same thing. I’m a long time Duplicati user currently on on Windows 10 and backing up to a large 2TB USB drive.

For a long time, all would be well except occasionally Duplicati would just stop in the middle of a nightly incremental backup. The verbose log wouldn’t show anything unusual, just froze in one place. I’d let it run overnight to be sure. It’s a personal computer, so nothing really crazy in terms of file size or number of files. This is just daily incremental.

I used to just then resort to a database repair. Usually it would find a few extra temporary files, and I’d do the backup again and it would work. But now I don’t see anything being fixed in repair, and this is happening night after night.

Also, cancel request never works (it never has for me in any version).

OK, I found the culprit. One of my Wifi repeaters slowed down the network. I didn’t notice this in daily operation, but it was enough for duplicati to get stuck. Restarting the repeater did the trick, now everything is smooth again.

Diver4242, I hope you will be able to resolve this on your side, too.

Mine finally completed last night, but after running for 6.5 hours! It usually takes 1.5 hours at most. Doesn’t Duplicati sometimes switch from incremental to full backup on some interval? Maybe that’s why?

I was also trying to pay attention to the logs as it was running. I saw data transfer rates that were crazy, like 40 bytes (!) per second. Not sure why that was happening, it’s a direclty connected USB drive to the laptop.

I always close everything when running the backup, because I’d get errors if I left Chrome running so I could review the logs. This time I left it open. I think I filtered out the problem with it conflcting with Chrome temp files that were open. I do wish that overing over the Duplicati tray icon would give some sort of running status so I didn’t have to run the browser.

Ok I’m back in the same place now, backup just stalls night after night in random places after running for an hour or so. I leave the live log running in verbose, and there are no warnings, errors, or other signs that something is amiss. Laptop isn’t going into standby or anything like that. It just stops.

Any pattern to the one place, for example a particular folder is seen before?

Even better, look at the Current file on the home screen for your backup.

About → System info may have useful (maybe similar) info in lastPgEvent.


Are they in your user profile? The open database for the current job is too, and might hang.
You can get its path on the Database screen. If you’re backing it up, maybe try excluding it.

While in user profile, look at the %TEMP% folder for the Duplicati user to check dup-* files.
If somehow the hang is on the destination side, you’ll find a backlog of (default) 50 MB files.
If you have a different Remote volume size in Options, these files will be that size instead.

You can also try setting option asynchronous-concurrent-upload-limit to 1 to make it easier to see whether a write to the destination is hanging. Info would be in verbose log, but information level would do.

If you’d rather not change verbose log, you could watch live at About → Show log → Live → Information.

If you’re willing to make or view a huge log, you can log at profiling level to see if SQL gets slow or stuck.

This is the second day in a row it got stuck at the below location, but I’ve seen it get stuck elsewhere. I had set it to only to one file at a time before this backup, as suggested. I’ll have to eliminate some of these cache directories I don’t need, I guess, but calibre is a long-unused app and nothing within the last few years in that directory.

Nov 9, 2021 6:46 PM: Adding directory C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\calibre\caches\

If it’s slower than usual and it’s throwing errors in random places, the backup drive could be on it’s way out.

Do you have another backup drive that you can try it with? Create a new backup job (backing up the same data) to the other backup drive and see if can get through it.

If the backup drive is connected to a USB hub (powered or not) try connecting it directly to a USB port on the computer (rear USB ports are always preferred over front USB ports).

If it’s not the external drive, I’d move to an internal drive issue or possibly some other hardware like RAM but either of those should be causing you weird problems in just about everything else you do on the computer.

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