Stuck at start of backup at Backup_WaitForUpload

I have a fresh install of Duplicati on a Debian system and am trying to do the first backup to a remote box via ssh. When I start the backup, it begins crawling through files but then very shortly just gets stuck on a random user file (a log file in some user’s home directory) with the status “Backup_WaitForUpload”. I’m not seeing anything in the live log other than “server has started listening.” The status bar on top says “waiting for upload to finish”. I don’t see any files at all created on the target ssh system.

Any suggestions for how to narrow down why it gets stuck right away? I’ve waited a while and it never seems to move on past this file.

I think I’ve figured it out – it appears a mono upgrade (I was on prior Debian stable and upgraded to latest Debian) fixed the problem. I’ll leave the support request here in case anyone has the same issue.

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