Store restore settings (and database)

I am trying out the “Direct restore from backup files” feature and noticed that whenever I make one restore, and then want to do another one from the same archive, I not only have to enter all the settings again, but duplicati also seem to start from scratch when rebuilding the (partial) database.

Wouldn’t it make sense if duplicati saved whatever it knows about the remote files to save time the next time it works with them? Or if that kind of auto-save feature is not possible or wished for, it would be really useful to have an option to save/export the restore settings for later use.

If implemented, do you think something like this might do what you want?

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I think this makes sense. If we store the current UI state in the browser, it can re-load automatically. We would then only need to add a “Reset” button to clear the form (and stored state).

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