Still more Too many login attempts woe

I am one of those people who is exploring Duplicati as a replacement for Crashplan, and I have to admit to a lot of frustration at this point. I’m a system admin for many years, so I don’t really think this should be so trying for me but-

After some poking around at this I realized I really need to be running this as a service (mostly Linux desktops either Fedora 27 or CentOS 7.). After poring through the forum and the manual, etc. I figured out how to get that running, but then I foolishly set a password - and on the machines where I have done that I can no longer use the GUI at all since any attempt to start it up results in the Too Many Active Login attempts errors. I’ve tried re-installing the software and clearing out everything I can find, rebooting, you name it – but any machine where I have set a password is completely unusable and I cannot figure out any way to get it to start backing up again.

Also - this is just INCREDIBLY slow - granted I have a fair amount of data to back up, but it really doesn’t seem like a machine should be taking days to back up the first time, especially since most of this is on a fast local network -

I’d really love to like this software - it’s at least in theory just about what I am looking for, but so far I have spent days just trying to get stable backups running and I’m pretty much stymied at this point since I cannot unlock the too many login attempts issues.

Well, okay, I finally figured out how to clear out all the configs for root under /root/.config/Duplicati so that I can at least start over. But it looks like setting a password for the backup gui is really not working in a reliable way at this point since it seems to lock you out and you just cannot get back in again without re-configuring the backup and starting over. At least it looks that way to me at this point.

You can remove the gui-password in the sqlite DB located at your mentioned location IIRC. Don’t remember how exactly.