Status window Too small and needs a notes option

Hi and thanks for creating such a fantastic product. i have migrated here after the demise of Crashplan Home. One small issue that I am finding is that the window displaying the backup progress is not wide enough if you have a descriptive backup name. This means that you cannot always see how much is left to do on the backup. I have several backups scheduled and need to be able to differentiate between them hence the need for a more descriptive title. Also it would be great to have a the option of notes that is also displayed to allow us to record pertinent information about backups

Hi @andyitc, welcome to the forum and thanks for using Duplicati!

Are you experiencing something as described here? I know there have been a few posts in the last month or so about using “…” ellipses appropriately with longer backup names while still showing the status info…

As for a notes option, that’s an interesting idea - what sort (amount of) of information do you imaging being stored in a potential “Notes” field?