Starting..... but that's it

Since yesterday, I’ve had a display at the top of my browser (see image) where it just says Starting…

Job never seems to actually start. I’ve confirmed that remote backup drives are on the network etc.

Any ideas?


If you look at “Profiling” mode of the “Live” log (from the main “Show Log” link, not the job specific one) do you see anything with a recent timestamp?


I have no idea what I’m doing at all so please be patient with me. I’m backing up with one computer with over a 1TB worth of data. After 4 days of running the first back up, I run into this issue.

It says I have a negative number of files left. This issue had not been resolved so I improvised and clicked random buttons. I think I tried stopping the process and repairing it, but nothing happened. Finally I said what the hell and tried to delete the backup. I’m pretty sure I broke duplicati because it just says “starting” and it’s been starting for a couple of hours now. The starting error looks exactly as the other figure on this thread.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi @abrow169, welcome to the forum!

Did you try looking at the “Show log” (or About -> “Show log”) page mentioned in my previous post?

This is a known progress bar bug (particularly with first runs) but doesn’t affect the backup in any way.

When Duplicati starts it scans all your source files to get an idea of how many files it needs to process (and calculate the progress bar size). It then starts going into each folder one by one and reducing the “files to go” count with each file it processes.

What can happen is that if the initial scan found 10 folders each 100 files in them it would say “1,000 files to go”. But while it’s processing the first 9 folders something adds 5 more files to the last folder.

So when Duplicati is done processing the 9th folder it would say “100 files to go” but when it opens up the 10th folder it sees there are now 105 files it. This causes the file count down to go negative - so just before the last file is processed it would say “-4 files to go”.

What should I do the next time I might encounter the negative files bug?
Also, this is what my log showed. I’m not sure where to go from here. I want it to do something either show me that the first back up was complete or worst case allow my to try the first back up again.

Nothing - it’s only a bug in the display, the backup is running just fine.

What do you see if you click on the “Live” button and select “Profiling”?

Also, if you click on one of the messages (such as in your screen shot) it should open up and give you more detail.