Ssh client from script


I need to setup a backup job with a script that uses ssh to connect to another machine.

I’m using docker, and the official image does not include ssh client, but I’m sure duplicati must have a ssh client.

The question is how to use that ssh client? Where is it located?


Welcome to the forum!

The docker image is bare-bones and doesn’t include the ssh client. I did a basic test where I installed the ssh client inside the docker container and it seemed to work, but you should probably do more testing.

Get to a shell inside the docker container and run:

# apt update

Ignore the message about conflicting distribution, then run:

# apt install openssh-client


Pess Enter at the Y/n prompt. Once complete you can run the ssh command, including from within a script that Duplicati executes before/after your backup job.

You’ll need to redo this installation when you download new docker images for Duplicati, of course.