Sporadic high warning count

When running Duplicati on a sheduled job I sometimes get a absurdly high number of warnings (in the thousands). Running that job minutes later again results in no warnings at all. The warnings are always failed to porcess path. Of those thousands I just get less than hundred shown. From what I can see of that partial report all of the files are in a OnDrive synced folder.

When backing up a OneDrive folder, you’ll get an error for files that aren’t cached locally. They show up with the cloud symbol in Explorer.

You can exclude such files by using this option:


I don’t really know why you sometimes have the issue though. I would expect the warnings to be consistent.

Some areas (e.g. the default log file) have a limit on the number of warnings. I thought it was lower though.
About → Show log → Live → Warning is one way to see more and (I think) click on them to get the details.

Use OneDrive and Storage Sense in Windows 10 to manage disk space might be freeing up disk space?
Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10 is some general info about your setup.

Well, I had a look into Storage Sense, which is deactivated for all of my OneDrive accounts. But the error occurs only for online files, so @drwtsn32 is right.

Is there a difference between running the backup job manually or on a schedule?