Split upload to different destinations

I’m very new to Duplicati and to the backup world in general.
I have multiple mega (dot) nz accounts, 20gb each
I would love to know if it’s possible for me to upload my server data (say 150gb) but have Duplicati manage the splitting between accounts and putting it in chunks of max 20gb etc…

or maybe there is a way that I’m not aware of.
Thanks in advance for the help,


I see that it’s time to add yet another link to The RAID backend · Issue #479 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub
In short, it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

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I guess I could split the file in chunks and do it manually with multiple jobs, do you happen to know a tool that can do this, this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but again, Im very new to this

No I don’t. To be candid, I am rather inclined to close the issue as ‘extremely bad idea’ :slight_smile:

Can I ask why it’s a bad idea to go at the problem that way please?

Because it’s a sure way to antagonize the cloud providers. Not your problem of course, but when producing software the last thing needed is to make enemies of people providing service for this very software.

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Ah, didn’t see it that way, yes you can close the issue, will be looking to get double HDD and manage it locally then, thank you!
which begs the question, does duplicati manage the status of HDD or my backup and notifies me if something goes wrong with a backup or even HDD? or maybe another tool that does this ?

Duplicati can report by mail or otherwise on the success of your backups. It’s not looking particularly at your drive(s) but if it can’t read or write obviously it will impact your backups hence if you get report you will be informed. However it’s not a good way of monitoring your hardware, it’s not proactive enough, once you have problems big enough to get disk failures it’s a bit late.

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If that means a second server drive, it may die with the server or be destroyed by local ransomware.
If you have an external drive in mind (only occasionally plugged in), then it’s safer from ransomware.

There are lots of cloud providers who would be happy to get paid to hold the backup of your 150 GB
which exceeds the typical free limits (as you saw) but is below some of the paid service minimums…

Some services such as Backblaze B2 have no minimum storage amount, and lack simulated “drive”
support which is convenient for the user, but also convenient for any malware. Separation is good…

Duplicati is a backup tool not a hard drive health monitoring tool, but there are plenty of those around.
There’s nothing that can predict a failure with absolute certainty, but many systems are based on this:

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

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