SOLVED: Filter to exclude all folders except to abcd*

Hello Community,

Given is the following Windows folder: c:\mynodejsproject2\node_modules\

All folders within this folder, which match the following, should be included: c:\mynodejsproject2\node_modules\vidpro*


  1. Include sub folders like \vidpro\, \vidpro.abcd\, \\, etc.
  2. But exclude all the rest, so exclude like c:\mynodejsproject2\node_modules\http-errors\

I have read
I am familiar with regexp, but I am struggling about how this is implemented in Duplicati with those Include/Exclude Regexp and their order.

In my PHP/node.js/JavaScript world, this regexp would look like: /^c:\\mynodejsproject2\\node_modules\\vidpro.*/

So, how can I add this accordingly to the filters in Duplicati?

Thank you for your help!

Ok, and here the solution which is working :slightly_smiling_face: