SOLVED: Backblaze backups running in bandwith cap (download!)

Hi there,

I’m running duplicati with a backblaze B2 cloud storage backup since November 2020.

Since - i guess - last week, I get daily notifications that I’m running into bandwith caps.
But not due to upload a lot of files - it’s the download cap :thinking:

I dont understand why because:

First - the amount of files/volume that I backup is nearly identical since November because I only backup some important documents (1,9GB)

Second - why I get a download cap notification? Why is duplicati downloading files? Imho it just need to upload.
As you can see in the screenshot, the report shows “downloads” starting in May. From November 2020 to April 2021 there is no single bit downloaded - as I expect from duplicati or any other backup tool.

Any help appreciate. Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Please look over the job logs, specifically at the Compact Phase and the Complete log.

Trying to understand why I hit my 1GB download daily limit might be much like your case.


The backup process explained
Verifying backend files
The COMPACT command
Compacting files at the backend

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In addition to what was mentioned by ts678, what is your “remote volume size” set to (page 5 of the backup config)? The default is 50MiB.

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Although there was some question in the other topic of the accuracy of the B2 graph, I looked at it closely (Windows magnifier…) and it sure looks like it’s graphed at 0. You can look at "BytesDownloaded" in the Complete log to see what Duplicati thinks. There are probably some other relevant BackendStatistics, however Duplicati ordinarily does some downloads, and might do lots more when it’s time to go compact.

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I set it to 100MB. Is 50MB better?

Found it - as you expected, nearly 1GB downloaded. See screenshot.
And thanks for the links. As far as I understood it correct, thats a complete normal behavior and in the last months it doesn’t need to download a lot of files to update (compact) the files stored at backblaze.
But now, it wants/need to compact but cant - due to the free limit of backblaze.

I never mind about the pricing - but I saw the comment in the other thread - 1cent per GB.
I think I can turn a blind eye in this extreme invest and just upgrade my backblaze plan.

Thanks for your help!!! Have a nice weekend

I think 100MB is fine. Some people set it to a huge value, which causes a LOT of data to be downloaded during backup verification or compaction events.

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It knows nothing about the free limit . See the compact command reference for reasons to compact.
The reason is announced at Information level and above, if you want to watch live log or log file, e.g.:

2021-03-15 10:42:40 -04 - [Information-Duplicati.Library.Main.Database.LocalDeleteDatabase-CompactReason]: Compacting because there is 26.31% wasted space and the limit is 25%


but, yes, the free limit might have thrown an error and broken the compact. I’m not sure how limits work.
You can look at RetryAttempts in Complete log sometimes, but log tends to not be made if backup fails.
Live log or log file can get a good view. About → Show log → Stored may get a view, but not a good one.


I’m not certain which backup failed. You show one that got far enough to make a log and show compact.
There are 3 errors (it says) not shown, but Compact errors are 0. Regardless, limit boost should fix this.

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