Slow performance on Drobo N

I understand my Drobo has a pretty weak Marvell ARM CPU, but I’m getting very slow performance trying to back up to Backblaze B2, which high CPU usage.

Speeds fluctuate between a few kb/s to 2 MB/s but no faster. However, on the same NAS I am able to achieve 20+ MB/s downloading from Usenet. That application is written in C++ however (NzbGet).

Is there anything I can do to optimize Duplicati? My fans are running full speed as well and I wouldn’t want to burn out this little machine.

Hi @PimpChicken, welcome to the forum!

Wow - I didn’t even know Drobo machines could run stuff like Duplicati! :open_mouth:

Is Duplicati that first line in the DroboApps folder?

What version of Duplicati are you running and have you customized any of the default settings?

Hi @JonMikelV - Yes the Drobo 5N is a NAS so I use it as a Plex server, etc.

I was running Duplicati (latest release).

In the screenshot of htop, you can see the top two entries taking up the most CPU are Duplicati running under Mono. I haven’t customized any of the default settings other than running it on all interfaces instead of localhost.

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like you can approach this like most other lower-power device optimizations then.

Since your already know CPU is an issue, you could consider lowering the encryption level to something that is simpler.

Ditto compression - lowering it to a 1 (default is highest of 9) should help as well.

Depending on how much data is in your source, you may find larger block (Upload volume size) settings might help a bit if you feel database lookups are slow things down.

Splitting backups of a large COUNT of files into multiple jobs might also improve database access. Plus, if you have different content types (movies vs. documents, for example) you can schedule different backup frequencies.

I can’t under state how big an improvement this can make. I identified 2 different sections of my backup that have tons of files and that change very rarely. I split those out in backups running once a week and now my main job finishes much quicker even though the other files rarely change.