Slow backup restore

Hi there! I’m making some tests before fully deploying Duplicati as my backup solution.
I did a small scale test with 8 GB of data on ~70.000 files, encryption disabled, 50MB volumes on a B2 Backend.
The initial backup was speedy enough, taking ~24 minutes with an upload speed of ~70-80 Mbits/s, but the recovery took 50 minutes with download speeds hovering around 15 Mbit/s and the CPU mostly unused hovering around 10%.
What could the bottleneck be? So much time for such a small restore is not very acceptable. The backup was being restored on an internal SSD with a Gigabit connection, no other loads.

Maybe try your test again with the –no-local-blocks option set. This option tries to save you from downloading data (and possible egress costs), but in some situations I think it can be slower.

This test was done with --no-local-blocks set to true to simulate a fully remote backup