is it possible to create a filter / rule that only include large files?

i hope someone can help me


Hello @dkr and welcome to the forum!

I don’t see any such option available. There’s –skip-files-larger-than but I don’t see --skip-files-smaller-than.
How to backup files older than X days is a similar question with some script ideas that you might start with.

Would you be willing to share your use case, in other words what is your reason for skipping smaller files?

Another user has asked for this here:

I’m not sure I agree with the “equally good” idea expressed there. That issue points to the below, which has a use case, but I’d be interested in hearing more from @dkr or @xtechgamer735 then this can move to Features category to get it in the queue. Of course it’s already in the GitHub queue with enhancement label.