Simple Questions

  1. If I use a online storage provider, will it be able delete older backup files from there to free space?
  2. I would like to make both a Local backup (on my powered 6TB external drive), and then on the online drive. Is that possible?
  3. How does the encryption work? Is it password based, or if it’s key based how to I ensure the key is never lost.

Sorry for all these questions but I am new to all this backup thing and Duplicati looks extremely good.

Many Thanks :slight_smile:

I can answer at least a couple of your questions:

  1. Duplicati will delete files from your backup sets based on the retention settings you have set in the GUI or through command line options.
  2. Multiple backup locations are quite possible and you will find many (most?) users on this forum do just that. I myself backup to both local (LAN) storage and online (B2) storage for most of my backup sets.
  3. I believe the encryption is password based, but I’ll leave it to some of the Duplicati experts to confirm/refute that statement.

Hi @Lewys_Davies, welcome to the forum!

The answers provided by @handyguy are correct, but I can give a little more detail if it helps.

  1. While retention settings can purge old backups, Duplicati’s DEFAULT setting is to keep all backups. Of course you can always change that setting later and THEN have it clean up old stuff, so don’t worry if you’ve already started a backup without any retention policy.

  2. Many people do indeed use multiple destinations, however with Duplicati you’ll need to two backup jobs - one for each destination.

  3. By default encryption is passphrase based, however I believe you can use a key along with the --parameters-file parameter. (I’ve not done this myself so I could be wrong.)