Sia API authentication failed


I’m getting an error during backup:

"message":"API authentication failed."

Jul 20, 2020 9:20 PM: Operation Put with file attempt 6 of 5 failed with message: /renter/upload/backup/Photos/duplicati-bda9f61f5a24b43be87601d7d72e4cd1f%2Edblock%2Ezip%2Eaes?source=C%3A%5CUsers%5COleg%20Andreych%5CAppData%5CLocal%5CTemp%5Cdup-e07bf876-70f0-4702-9a74-a62313d1a22a failed, response: {“message”:“API authentication failed.”}

The password is set for Sia via Sia-UI. The same password has been provided to the Duplicati backup config.
I’m running Duplicati and Sia 1.4.11.

Is there any way to resolve this issue?

Well, I’ve found an issue.

I should’ve used a password from the siac utils display-api-password, not from the wallet one.

One thing that can be improved here is that the connection test on the destination configuration page should report an error.