Show passphrase as QR-Code

first of all: thank you for creating Duplicati, the backup software that matches my needs exactly. After having had quite a hacky approach to backups with several butchered scripts that barely do the job, I recently stumbled across Duplicati and all I can say is that I am very impressed by its feature set and ease of use.

I like to print my configuration to store it in a non-digital way. A minor neat feature would be to show the passphrase (additionally) as QR-code. I know, creating good software is all about focusing on the right features, but I can imagine this to be useful.

Keep up the good work!


edit: minor mistake

Should be doable with QRCoder/ at master · codebude/QRCoder · GitHub
I had just never thought of the use case.

So is the idea that your paper copy of the config can contain the passphrase using security-through-obscurity?

Or is it that you have really long passphrases and want to somehow use the webcam on your device to read the passphrase into the GUI when setting up the job on a new box?

I thought about it this way: currently I set up some backups with long and strong passwords and print the configuration. With a QR code on that page it might one day save me from the hassle of telling capital i’s from lowercase L’s and pipes, and 0’s from O’s and so on.

QR code should be complete .json file

That makes sense - but don’t you have to scan the QR code with something that will just display the text and you’ll be right back where you started?

Note that I’m not against the idea, I’m just not sure I understand the benefit without also having a QR scanner built into Duplicati to read the phrase.

(Which personally is kinda a neat idea if we can put the whole config into it…Nuts, @saviodsouza beat me by 30 seconds!) :smiley:

I have my gpg private key already on QR at a safe location but the complete json as QR… good idea! Will do that as well…

gpg private key on QR? How

Did you use some online site to do it or you have a application.

Lets call this

Duplicati Paper Backup

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Export in armored (ascii) format and run qrencode iirc. That is available on Ubuntu (don’t remember if it was installed by default or if I had to install it manually). I would never trust a Web provider to encode private keys.