SharpCompress.Compressors.LZMA.DataErrorException: Data Error


test all archives by 7zip result NO error.

this error appear every month at various dbs, when duplicati try to upload to google drive.
so if problem with LZMA, i’ll try to change type of compression.

So this is the same error you mentioned here about a month ago?

If you’re using 7-zip, then yes - there is a known issue with that library (I think it might be a memory leak?). If you’re open to using a different algorithm you might want to give that a try.

what you mean I using 7-zip ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I using Duplicati.
Bug with Duplicati in subj. Error report from Duplicati.
I just checked db files with 7zip and no errors.

I mean if you have --compression-module=7z then the 7-Zip code is being used to create your archives. That code is known to have to have a memory leak:

As another post in that topic states, if you are using --compression-module=zip (the default) but have set --zip-compression-method=LZMA then you shouldn’t be running into that particular issue.

Are your archive files ending in .7z (the above could be the problem) or in .zip (something else could be the problem)?

not used

By default zip wiith LZMA.

Ok, so that rules out the known 7-Zip module problem.

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the standard zip module - hopefully somebody else such as @kenkendk will have a suggestion.