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I have already used my institutions One Drive with Duplicati, but would like to use its sharepoint which offers a greater amount of storage. Frankly I don’t know any more about sharepoint than using the provided url that gets me logged in through the web interface where one of the things I can do is store documents.

Its not clear to me how to create a duplicati instance. I don’t know if I should be using v2, or how to fill in the duplicati form. The url I use to get in is of the form…”
followed by a lot of non-transparent data.

How should I create the backup?

I would start here:

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I’m really not getting anywhere using that doc. Does anyone have experience with sharepoint and duplicati that can help?

The documentation is good. You should be using V2

Create new site for your backups on SharePoint
Create a sub folder in the Documents Folder called whatever you want
Log onto Microsoft Graphs and run the following query*
This will list all sites. Copy the site ID and url out. Generate the Auth Token via the duplicati link
In Duplicati
Type SharepointV2
Destination Path is the name of the folder you created. You dont need the full path if you add the site-id in Advanced options
Auth-Id that you generated.