Sftp via SSH does not work

Hello. The problem is as follows. There is a windows srv2012r2 on which OpenSSH is installed. There is Windows 10 on which Duplicati is installed. The goal is to back up data from Windows 10 to windows srv2012r2 via sftp via ssh ( to a folder on the local disk D). The SSH keys between Windows10 and windows srv2012r2 are installed, the SSH connection is happening, but the folder can not be found in any way. I’ve tried everything.


How do you see this? Is there logging? If so, what does logging say about the transfer after connection?

Such as? It’s not clear to me from docs how to configure where the server is supposed to put its folder.
You can certainly try another client. Usually Duplicati “Test connection” button can make missing folder.
Export As Command-line URL can be tested with Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe operations.

Is this the Microsoft-provided one (of unknown stability and limited documentation IMO) mentioned here?

What other clients and servers have been tested? If this is non-commercial personal use, Bitvise is free.