SFTP Server requires public key and credentials

Hi all,

I’m tyring to connect to an SFTP server that requires both a publickey and credentials (NOT key passphrase) for authentication. I have no trouble connecting to the server with an SFTP client (Filezilla in this case) using my server creds and public key, but when I attempt to connect with Duplicati, I get the following error:

“Failed to connect: No suitable authentication method found to complete authentication (password).”

I have ssh-keyfile confiugred with my private key, auth-username and auth-password with my server credentials, and I’ve also set my server credentials in teh username and password fields. I’m guessing Duplicati currently only supports using a password OR using a keyfile. Can someone confirm?

Hello @firefighterchuck and welcome to the forum!

The terminology used is a bit confusing. Wouldn’t the server require the private key and password?

I can’t comment based on my own use, but the code looks like your one-or-the-other idea is correct:

As a workaround you could see if rclone supports this. If so, then try rclone as Duplicati’s storage type.

The library that Duplicati currently uses appears capable of multi-factor authentication, as shown here, however it looks like Duplicati would have to create its SftpClient via ConnectionInfo, instead of directly.

You could make a feature request either in this forum or issues if there’s not one yet, to get that in line. There’s a pretty big backlog, but one never know who might decide they want to take this on, and do it.