Setting up Boxu Cloud and Duplicati

Boxu Cloud is a cloud storage solution provided by the Dutch company Boxu. With the Boxu Cloud Lite package you get 30 day free and you can start using storage up to 100 GB, which makes it a great solution for use as backend in Duplicati. There are also other packages with more space for affordable prices.

Boxu Cloud supports WebDAV, what can be used to configure Duplicati.
This How-to describes the basic steps to configure Duplicati for making backups to Boxu Cloud.

  1. If you do not have a Boxu Cloud account, order your account at
  2. In the Duplicati Web UI, add a new backup.
  3. Choose WebDAV as the storage type.
  4. Use these settings for your backup job:

Use SSL: Selected

Server and port: 443

Path on server: remote.php/webdav/Foldername/Subfoldername
If you created a folder Backup with a subfolder MyPC, the path will be remote.php/webdav/Backup/MyPC

Username and Password: The main username and password of your Boxu Cloud account.

All other settings in the wizard are described in the Getting started guide 96.


This howto is partly copied from the post: Setting up STACK from TransIP created by Kees-z