Service upgrade loses `--no-hosted-server`?

This may be an extension of Updates and Windows service, so feel free to merge it in there.

I recently download + installed canary over canary (server) WITH the “run at startup” box checked and noticed that my --no-hosted-server parameter seemed to get dropped from my tray icon startup. This caused the service to start on 8200 as it should AND the tray icon to load on 8300 pointed to a different config folder.

Has anybody else had this issue or is it just me (granted, I do abuse my system quite a lot)?

If I’m not the only one, perhaps the installer needs to detect and keep existing parameters on tray icon shortcuts (if possible)…

I think this is the behavior of the installer.

Hopefully in the future they can give the option to setup duplicati as a service in the installer. This would allow the trayicon parameter to be set properly. They way it is now duplicati has no way of knowing.

I personally don’t bother with the trayicon, I just tell duplicati not to start at startup. With duplicati setup as a service it really isn’t needed unless you want the pretty icon telling you the status.

A bookmarked placed in my web browser does everything I need.

Yes, correct. The installer is in no way clever, it just dumps the shortcut in the startup folder, overwriting anything that might have been in there before.

So an in-GUI update is “safe” because it doesn’t touch shortcuts, but an “over-install” using an installer (exe, msi, deb, rpm, dmg) will blindly replace existing shortcuts.

Would it be possible / easy to check for an existing installation and warn that customized shortcuts should be reviewed after installation?

This could help avoid issues such as from here: